Unravel(Eng ver) :: Tokyo Ghoul♪

Oh, please let me know, please tell me now.

Of how this world move on

Before something be gone

Please tell me “who I am?”

In this broken down, this breaking dawn
I see you stand right there.

I hear the laugh resounds,

Oh dear, Where I am now?

Everything I tried, every time I cried

Can only hold my breath [and] “Freeze”

Break to the vein, and bond again

Tremble in pain, Trample on plain

Search for myself, that’s when I found

“The Real Me”

Dissolving, disgracing, declined from this world

No one care and No one will find me

Because that I was unraveled from the world

Just forget me now.

If what I see, just someone set things up this way

I hope that you will never ends up being his prey
One wish if you please remember the real me.


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