Aru Bakeneko no Koi Monogatari[English] :: Vocaloid

Well, I know… when all of this reveal,
that I’ll lose everything but this is all my will.

The hidden truth of me just a werecat who falls in love
with her, a lone human girl.
The other days when he’s gone and left you behind.
Another teardrops, the only things left inside.
So, I swear to this moonlight I will disguise myself
as the dear one you for.
Please, don’t cry. I hold her tight to me.

and told that “Never, I won’t leave you again.”

Well, only heaven know what I’ve done.
God, please forgive me
who commit this greatest sin.
“I lost all memories.” That how I told to get by.

What fake illusions are telling are just white lie.
So, I swear to make you smile forever
and I tried to believe that it’s not wrong, alright?


One night comes, she told me that she has known
all of these secrets and I ask her why.
Because my eyes and his aren’t the same one.
Though, she says “Well, I never mind”.

Here, she cries. She holds me tight to her.

and told that “Never, please don’t leave her again.”

Well, only hell can tell what I’ve done.
God won’t forgive me
who commit this greatest sin.


Now, It’s gone. The vow of this spell.
The word I tried to tell you but it never reach.
This voice, this body turns back to the one
who I have been.

What I can do is flee from you.
Oh, gosh. What I have done to you.
Oh, please don’t forgive me.

I’ve committed this greatest sin…


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